6 tips to stop procrastinating and start writing your final work

The period for submitting final thesis is slowly approaching. At the same time, winter ends and spring attracts out. It’s really hard to concentrate fully on writing when it’s beautiful outside and there are plenty of other fun things to do.

However, the deadline for submitting a job is not to be underestimated. Most people really give it up at the last minute, it is “crowded” in printing, and it can take a couple of days to get a bachelor or diploma in the final printed form. Worse, at the last minute, you may find it necessary to remake something. There is simply no time for procrastination. Find out how to stop procrastinating and start writing!

Bring evil thoughts out of your head

If you are writing a bachelor’s or master’s thesis, you must not even think about what your heart desires for a while – to play a favorite game, go to a beer with friends, go to a training session or just laze. You must not be convinced for a second that everything might be different, that you might not have to write a job right now and you would be well. Sit down and write – nothing else can exist for you at that moment, nothing else is possible. Such thoughts will destroy you. You begin to have feelings of hopelessness and despair, the whole focus is there and procrastination comes in.

Avoid social networks

Social networks or the destruction of theses – they could still be named. Social networks are the most common instrument of procrastination. You know: from the original moment of rest on Facebook happens even half an hour and so on. But it is not just social networks, it also includes TVs, series, games, entertainment programs on the Internet and more. Turn off Facebook, drop your mobile, hide in a cozy corner in your apartment and write. Nobody and nothing can disturb you.

Take time planning

It is necessary to plan to manage long-term tasks, among which the final thesis clearly belongs. First, find out when you have to submit your work, then think about how much time the supervisor takes to check and how quickly you can print the job. Finally, keep for at least a week or two as a reserve if by chance. You will have a clean time to work, divided between chapters or tasks. This will give you a much greater insight into whether you are prosecuting or having to work hard. At the same time, you will divide the whole work into several smaller goals that will motivate you much more actively.

Always turn on the stopwatch while working

Measure the time you work. You can easily gain control over your work efficiency. If you want to relax, go for a tea or a toilet, always stop time. This method will make you more efficient and focused.


Rest is as important as the work itself. It can be passive or active. Passive rest means that you do nothing at all. It is a change of activity during active rest – and it should outweigh the passive one.

Plan your rest time clearly. For example, after 2 hours of work, take a 15 minute break, after 4 hours rest for an hour and after 8 hours stop and go for a workout or out with your friends. Everyone has a different way, so tune the rest time as best you can.

Forget perfection

If you are one of the punks, you will have a hard time. You have to accept that nothing can be perfect, nor your final work. Often the authors of various works are not satisfied with their work and the other hours spent on continual improvement will not change anything.

Something else helps everyone to fight procrastination. Try these 6 tips and see for yourself.