Abstract of bachelor thesis

Under the term abstract in the bachelor thesis we can imagine a short and concise characterization of the content of the whole work, which is written by the author himself. This is a brief summary of the content, which includes the method of solution, the methods used and the results of the investigation. It also includes key words related to the area the author focuses on. If the reader searches the database for a bachelor’s thesis focused on a particular issue, he / she uses the keywords to do so.

What should the abstract in the thesis contain?

As already mentioned, abstract means a brief description of the content of the bachelor thesis. His goal is to attract readers enough to read the bachelor thesis. The author should focus in the first part of the abstract on the problem solved, the topic and the goal of the whole work. In the next section it is necessary to state whether the problem has been solved and if the set target has been fulfilled. Thereafter, the concrete results that the writer has reached and which are at the heart of the research should be communicated. Finally, the author should comment on the significance of the results, what is the main finding, what is this work useful for. It is always better to write short, brief sentences that contain substantial information without unnecessary “sauce” and long sentences in which the reader can easily get lost.

Formal modification of the bachelor thesis abstract

Generally, the abstract of the bachelor thesis should be a paragraph of 250 to 500 words. No pictures, graphs or other different symbols are placed in the abstract in the thesis. The rule is placed at the beginning of the work before its content, but it depends on the formal requirements of individual universities. In some cases, the abstract in the bachelor thesis is not mentioned. Abstract, job title and keywords are primarily used to search for a given document in archives or databases. If you want to know more about the abstract of the bachelor thesis, we recommend to study the valid standard, which deals with the abstract.

Abstract, annotation and resume – fundamental differences

In addition to the abstract, it is also possible to present an abstract or a summary in the bachelor thesis. The main difference between the annotation and the abstract is that the annotation contains only a short description of the work. It does not mention the aims, methods used or results of the solved problems. A summary of the abstract includes only the most relevant information.